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Privacy policy

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Information collection and useTianma travel (www.nghtours.com) is the sole owner of all information on this website. We will not sell, share or rent any of your personal information to unrelated parties (including companies or individuals) without your pe

Information collection and use

Tianma travel (www.nghtours.com) is the sole owner of all information on this website. We will not sell, share or rent any of your personal information to unrelated parties (including companies or individuals) without your permission.The mall on the tianma travel line collects your personal information through different channels on the website, which is mainly used to pay for orders and better provide you with relevant information.The information we collect includes payment information such as name, shipping address, account address, phone number, email address and credit card.Once registered, you will be required to submit your user name and password at login so that you can enjoy the relevant services.Your user name and password are confidential. To protect your privacy, please do not share account information with others.

About the book

To facilitate your booking through our website, please be sure to fill in the booking information according to the instructions, and when filling in the booking information, be sure to leave your real contact information: name, email address, telephone number and address.In order to facilitate tianma travel with you booking and related matters.Most of the information filled in during the registration process will be used to process the booking. During the booking process, we also need you to provide additional financial information, such as your credit card number and account information, for the payment and completion of the booking.If you encounter problems or difficulties during the booking process, this information will be convenient for you to contact us.We will not sell, share or lease any of your personal and financial information to unrelated third-party vendors (including companies or individuals) unless you submit your credit card information through a bank authorized authorization.And your use of credit card payment process will be strongly protected by the security system.

User name and password

Registered users need to login their accounts with a specific username and password.Password usage does not deny nghtours.com and its database provider access to password-protected content.To be on the safe side, registered users should properly keep their user names and passwords, do not open to anyone, nor allow others to use (except travel companies authorized by users).In addition, passwords must be complex and difficult to guess and change regularly.When leaving this site, you should first exit the account.

Users are fully liable for actions related to account login.

If a user discovers that his or her unauthorized user name and password are being used, or suspects that the user name and password have been stolen, lost, or disclosed, immediately notify nghtours.com

All user names and passwords are the property of nghtours.com and nghtours.com has the right to cancel or terminate any user name and password at any time without any liability to users or others.Nghtours.com is not responsible for verifying the identity of the account user or the rights to use the account.

Users must quickly respond to email messages from nghtours.com, including any complaints or attentions to user names and passwords sent by nghtours.com.

Passwords do not guarantee the privacy and security of users. Users should be aware of and bear their own risks when using the above services.

About the record file

We use IP addresses to analyze situations, manage websites, track users' movements, and collect large amounts of registration information for statistical purposes.Your IP address will not display your personal confirmation information.We do not distribute or share your IP address to unrelated parties (including companies or individuals).

About sharing

We will handle payment and related services with you through a professional credit card company.These credit card companies will not retain, share, collect or use your personal information for other purposes.Tianma travel is a company from Ontario and we comply with all provincial and national laws.In the event of any legal or government requirement, tianma travel will disclose your personal data as required by law.

About the link

This site contains links to other sites.Tianma travel is not responsible for any privacy activities on these sites, and we remind users to pay attention: after you leave this site, please carefully read the privacy agreement provided by other sites before submitting your privacy information.The privacy agreement of this website only applies to the information collection and processing of this website, and has nothing to do with other websites.

Modification, update and inquiry of personal information

You only need to login to our website through your user name and password, and click "my account" on the home page to modify or query your account information, such as contact number, address or email address.

The company reserves the right to modify and interpret this clause.


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