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Hui-style garden hotel surrounded by mountains

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1. Located in the northern scenic area of sanqing mountain, the resort hotel of sanqi

The bright spot

1. Located in the northern scenic area of sanqing mountain, the resort hotel of sanqing mountain is surrounded by mountains, surrounded by green mountains and water.

2. The hotel architecture is integrated with garden style and Chinese style. The hotel stays in the stargazing suite and takes an outdoor petal bath at night.

3. Sanqing mountain is a famous Taoist mountain, which enjoys the reputation of "little huangshan mountain". It can see the sunrise of the cloud sea and the strange peak and strange stones.

Hui-style garden hotel surrounded by mountains

Located in the northern part of the sanqing mountain resort, the resort is quieter than the southern slope. It can offer a panoramic view of the mountains and valleys of sanqing mountain and the rare scenery in nature.

The hotel is a typical hui-style building, which is integrated with garden style and Chinese style. Under the background of green mountains and water, it seems to be a boat in the vast wave of smoke, independent and elegant.

The hotel is surrounded by mountains and rivers, Bridges and pavilions. Walk along the trail in the afternoon and enjoy the rare relaxation and leisure.

Take a dip in the mountain guestroom and look at the stars

Stargazing spa suite

The outdoor bathtub is surrounded by mountains. The terraces on both sides of the terrace are high and private. At night, I soak in a petal bath to enjoy the fresh air between the mountains and forests.

Luxury room

The daylighting of the room is not bad, and facility equipment is to choose famous brand product, wei yu is TOTO, bedding is king keer, very comfortable warmth, with the configuration of 5 star hotel is same, deserve to commend.

# # LOFT suites

The LOFT suite on the second floor, fully 90 square meters, has a spacious living room on the first floor and a bedroom on the second floor.

Enjoy a leisurely afternoon at the hotel

The first-floor indoor pool is free and offers excellent views as well, with large floor-to-ceiling Windows on one side of the wall and an exquisite garden view while swimming.

If you bring your child, you don't have to worry that your child has no place to play. There is a children's club in the hotel, where you can let your child play with blocks, slide and enjoy a relaxing vacation.

Enjoy the delicious food while enjoying the garden

The hotel has a number of Chinese and western restaurants. The restaurant is like a glass room. You can enjoy the beautiful garden view when you sit by the window.

Enjoy sanqingshan scenic spot

Sanqingshan scenic spot, 2.6 kilometers away from the hotel

Sanqing mountain is located in the northeast of shangrao city. Here you can not only see the beautiful sea of clouds sunrise, but also enjoy the mountains and rocks, as well as the high walkway.

If you don't camp in the mountains, you can spend half a day visiting most of the best spots on sanqing mountain. The eastern and southern entrances have cableways up the mountain, after which the intensity of walking is moderate. The part of the cableway walks for about 2 hours.


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